Government is working on a compressive plan for forest conservation, protection of wildlife and promotion of eco-tourism in the state. winding up the discussion on the demand of grants for forest, wildlife, ecology and environment departments in the house today, minster for forest, environment and ecology,however the government is working to make a comprehensive plan for the revival of the department. Government would submit a compressive proposal to the union forest ministry for approval of funds under different schemes to give the new imputes to the states; green gold besides protection of rich animal species and eco tourism. if we have to save our forests, we need to pitch for more funds and grants from the centre and state. there is a lot to be done to revamp the department,”. The forest policy division should be created which would deal with forest policy. The division should also acts as a think tank on forest policy matters and works for their integration with other natural resources management sectorsIt must provide inputs on forestry matters to the policies of other relevant sectors. The division should also carries out review of the department and try to come up with some suggestive measures and policy matters on forest policy. Forest policy makers should have a mechanism to align with the recent developments and changes in the socio-economic, scientific and legal frameworks. there should be a mechanism to examine and provide comments on the state bills related with the forestry matters. The special division should work on forest policy processes and engages with other forum on forests on national and international arrangement on forests. While the government said that the demarcation of forests was a biggest challenge for the forest department and procuring the demarcation poles were incurring huge amount of money, there has to be ample funding from the JK as well as centre to help forests grow. If we really want to protect the forests and our wildlife, we all have to be together. We have to join hands for a greater cause.