It’s been four years in the making with 400 hours of exquisite footage. On March 3, World Wildlife Day, this labour of love Wild Karnataka, a spectacular hour-long film was released, leaving many awestruck by its brilliant captures. It opens up a world of wildlife and bio diversity that Karnataka has to offer, and gives one peeks into the rich habitats and fauna of our land. It’s surreal in that it looks like the Amazon rain forest in some shots! The fact that the film makers collaborated with the forest department opened up new untouched, unexplored and unknown vistas for the artistic lens.  

The motley crew came together under the dedicated eagle eyes of award-winning wildlife photographers and film-makers Amoghavarsha JS and Kalyan Varma. It’s been narrated by renowned wildlife historian and legend Sir David Attenborough, a compelling feat in itself! And with it, the beauty of Karnataka, and India is put on the global map.

This beautiful film encapsulates a land that has nurtured a plethora of wildlife, and many bio diverse characteristics. The crew calls it a 4K Blue Chip nature film. Accomplished and ingenious, it is on par with international wildlife documentaries.

Adding to their wealth of experience was Vijay Mohan Raj, an IFS officer, who is chief conservator of forests, and experienced naturalist Sarath Champati. “We went from the Western Ghats to the rain forests to the arid regions, with a massive collaboration with the forest department. We unearthed wildlife that people are not aware of. There will be two versions of the film, the English version which will either be on streaming sites or on broadcast media, and the Kannada version which we hope to screen at schools, colleges and road shows to spread awareness about a bio diverse Karnataka,” explains Amoghavarsha who left his career as a software engineer to follow his passion, and has earlier worked with National Geographic and BBC.


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